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Part 2: What Can A Smartphone Do For You?
Date 4/14/2011
Time 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM EST
Location Online, Over the Internet
Description ReporterSeminars: smartphones

First Of A New Series:
What Can The Internet Do For Reporters?

Just eleven years ago, as we rounded the corner into a new millennium, only a small percentage of court reporters made use of the internet. Broadband access was spotty and without it the web is a tedious, ponderous place. In just over a decade, that has all changed. Most reporters now use it regularly for email and transcript research, but remain perplexed about the full potential of this powerful technology. They ask about topics like social networking and its professional benefits, if any. They are interested in career opportunities in areas like internet CART, and would like to take advantage of web-based tools such as realtime transcript and audio distribution. Many now have or are thinking about getting a smartphone and are uncertain how these devices can help them use both web and mobile tools to improve job response, scheduling, and access. These are just a few of the aspects of the giant "cloud" called the internet that our clients have asked about. In response, we have put together a series dedicated to helping reporting professionals understand the internet better, and showing them ways take full advantage of it both professionally and personally.

Is Your Phone Smart Enough To Help You?

Smartphones can be a great tool, but they're like buying a computer: You have to know what to look for. There are critical considerations and if you don't do your homework, it's easy to end with a phone and/or a carrier you can't stand. Then, not only are you upset, you're yoked to a phone or a carrier, or both, for the rest of your contract. Whether you have a smartphone already or are thinking about getting one, we'll cover the things you need to look out for when you buy: the carrier, the processor, the operating system, the touch screen/keyboard, and more. We'll provide specific advice that you can actually use as you try to sift through your choices.

Marybeth Everhart
& Scott Friend

PART 1: Tue., Mar. 29th
PART 2: Thu., Apr. 14th
8:30p ET, 5:30p PT
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Once you bring your smartphone home you have know how to use it and what applications to load. We're going to cover a host of "apps" (geek brief for applications) for smartphones, apps that are useful for court reporting professionals and which will in some way make your life easier, increase your client access, improve your ability to respond to your clients and agencies, and make job scheduling easier.


Security is an enormous issue. Lose your smartphone and you may be losing information that will enable someone to access your banking, credit cards, online sites, and more. We'll show you apps that will prevent that.

There are apps that can connect your clients to you and apps that can you to your clients, GPS apps that will help you get to jobs more easily, transcript viewing apps that enable your clients to view your jobs on a mobile phone, a new realtime transcript viewing app your clients can use to view your writing in realtime on their iPhones (and, soon, Android-based smartphones), calendar apps that allow your clients to check your availability and request your services even when you're unable to answer your phone (don't lose one good job because you're busy on another), apps that will help you find a place to grab a bite between depos, or an ATM, a bank, a coffee shop or other retail locations, and other apps that are just plain fun to have.

We’ll also include a primer on keyboards and text messaging. Typing is a crucial part of smartphone use so having the right keyboard for you is essential. We'll also cover the most useful texting briefs as well as briefs you may want to know as a parent. For example, “9” means a parent is watching and “99” means the parent is gone. Good to know if you’ve got a teenager!


We'll cover those, too. The right wireless headset makes a lot of difference and there are stereo headsets that you can use for calls for music. So you can work out to music and still take and make the calls you need. Tablets are all the rage since Apple released the iPad. Are these any different than the e-book readers, like the Kindle, that were already out? Can they help us in our profession? Join us and we'll give you the low-down.


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Presenter Marybeth Everhart & Scott Friend
Price Normal Registration: $49
Topic Reporting
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