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Scheduled Webinar

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Date 10/29/2009
Time 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM EST
Location Online, Over the Internet
Description Windows 7 Webinar Web Page

Microsoft Windows 7:
A Step Forward Or
Another Punch Line For Mac?

Reporters Want To Know
Which Version Of Windows
Is Best And Most Dependable.

A Webinar About Windows
For Court Reporting Professionals

by Scott Friend, MCP, MCSE, MCTS
& Marybeth Everhart, RPR, CRI

Thursday, Oct. 29

8:30 PM ET
7:30 PM CT
6:30 PM MT
5:30 PM PT

$49 per webinar

.2 CEU Credits Available

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We have finally reached the long-awaited release of Windows 7. This event has inspired lots of press coverage and confident proclamations by Microsoft, which is all too happy to step away from Vista, the operating system everyone loves to hate, especially the folks over at Apple. The release of a new version of Windows is always a seminal moment for court reporters because it runs our CAT software. Windows isn't always a gracious host (think of program freezes, Blue Screens of Death, failed connections, and so on), so this event has also inspired considerable curiosity—and anxiety—on the part of our clients as they look at new computers loaded with "7" (its shorthand name) and as they contemplate their own versions of Windows.

There are, indeed, many things worth wondering about as we take a technological step forward onto Microsoft's new operating system. Here are a few of them:

  • Will it run my CAT software properly?  As it should be, this is the first question on almost every reporter's mind. Scott is going to address that point as comprehensively as possible.
  • Should I get 7 on my new computer or try to get XP or Vista instead? This is a close second. If you need a new computer and you have choices regarding versions of Windows, which should you get?
  • What about this Windows 7 Upgrade Option program?  Should you use this program to upgrade your existing version of Vista or XP to 7? If so, what's involved and is my data at risk?
  • If I get it, how do I use it?  If you end up with a new computer running Windows 7, what are the new features and will you be baffled by the interface or find it easy to use? Scott will give you an overview of all the new features, what to expect, and how they will affect you as a court reporter.


Because it's new and promises to resolve the problems of Vista and the shortcomings of XP, Windows 7 is garnering all the attention. Since we are all dependent upon Microsoft's operating systems to securely and properly run our programs, it's important to be familiar with certain key aspects of your Windows version, whether you use XP, Vista or are moving on to 7.

Scott and his panelists are going to talk some about Windows 7, but its release prompts us to spend most of our time on Windows, in general, and the features or settings within it. Here are some of the topics he'll cover, topics that affect you as a court reporter and which will help you understand Windows better and get more out of it.

  • Audio Settings.  Since court reporters use Audio Synch, the recording and playback features are obviously very important. We'll cover these settings in 7, Vista and XP, and give you some recording tips and recommendations for each.
  • Security.  In Windows 7 Microsoft built in the new Action Center, but in Vista we have User Account Controls, and in XP we have the Security Center.
  • Search Functions.  This is big. Windows 7 uses a Google Desktop-like search feature which not only indexes the names and types of documents on your hard drive but more importantly can also search for words within certain document types. Look for plug-ins from CAT software vendors soon. This is a feature worth having and a step up from both XP and Vista. As he covers this feature in 7, Scott will also talk about how to best use the Search features built into XP and Vista, too.
  • Data Protection.  Windows 7 has an automated recovery assistant that can identify and correct many problems during startup. In addition to the System Restore feature built into both XP and Vista, 7 also has improved the image-based backup system. Scott will explain and talk about back-up and recovery strategies for XP, Vista, and 7.
  • Device Manager.  Windows 7 makes accessing, installing and using devices easier with the new Device Stage. Scott will show this new feature and talk about the venerable Device Manager, a place that nearly every reporter will have cause to visit no matter which Windows you use.
  • Windows Security.  In Windows 7 Microsoft built in the new Action Center, but in Vista we have User Account Controls, and in XP we have the Security Center.


Our clients are shorthand reporters, so they naturally love learning how to get the same thing done faster, with fewer keystrokes. Scott will finish up by going over a list of shortcuts, tips and timesavers in all three versions: XP, Vista, and 7.

We all use Windows—we have no choice!—so we all have a stake in learning more about it and how to use it more effectively. This isn't a webinar for just some reporters, it's a webinar for every court reporter because we are all in this together, thanks to Microsoft!


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Presenter Scott Friend, Marybeth Everhart
Price Normal Registration: $49
Topic Computers
Registration for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP is closed.
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