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What Does Every Reporter Need?
Date 12/16/2008
Time 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM EST
Location Online, over the internet.

Become A Wiser Shopper!
As the year closes many reporters need to purchase
equipment and software for tax purposes.
Attend this webinar and learn what to buy and where to buy it!

What Does Every Reporter Need!
by Marybeth Everhart

Date: Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
Time: 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time / 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Cost: $49 per person .2 CEUs Available**

As Marybeth outlined in her groundbreaking webinar, Your Stairway To Success, court reporters face diverse challenges, many of which they have not been trained for: bookkeeping and business management, the day-to-day environmental stress imposed by the ergonomics of their equipment and their workspaces, and, perhaps the most difficult of all, choosing and implementing the correct equipment and software to support the technologies they deploy as professionals.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:
  • Which computer should I buy? Should I choose a desktop or a notebook?
  • What operating system is best, Windows XP or Vista?
  • Should I get a paper or paperless writer?
  • Do I need a printer? If so, what type of printer should I get?
  • Should I use cables for realtime? Or go wireless?
  • What will a home network do for me? What do I need to set one up?
  • Who can I call if I have questions relating to court reporting technologies?
If you’ve ever been baffled by the technologies you must manage and deploy, you’re not alone. Most court reporters are not technologists by inclination or training, yet every reporter must choose and rely on hardware and software that can be confusing and difficult. This webinar will help you chase away this demon as Marybeth breaks down the equipment and software you need, how to select it, where to get it, and, most important of all, how to get help if you have problems.

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Our Presenter Is Marybeth Everhart
RPR, CRI, National Marketing Manager, Realtime Learning Systems

Marybeth Everhart has been reporting since 1980 and writing realtime since 1992. She has been a freelance reporter in the Baltimore-Washington area; an official reporter in Brisbane, Australia; provided CART services to such organizations as Self Help for Hard of Hearing and the Neurofibromatosis Foundation; captioned for Gallaudet University; managed a large, multi-office freelance firm; taught court reporting at all levels; and trained on numerous CAT systems over the years.

She is now the National Marketing Manager for Realtime Coach and works closely with reporting schools, firms, and court systems to increase speed and improve accuracy for students and working reporters. She has served as a member of the NCRA Future Group, the NCRA Reporter Education Commission, and is currently a member of both the Maryland Court Reporters Association Education Committee, and of the Council on Approved Student Education. Marybeth currently serves as a contributing editor to the Journal of Court Reporting and the Eclipse Users Group Newscache.

Though her experience and credentials are certainly noteworthy, anyone who has attended one of Marybeth’s seminars will tell you she is one of the best speakers ever to pick up a microphone. She knows her subject material thoroughly, of course, but she brings a terrific sense of humor to the podium as well. She interacts continually with her audiences and keeps everyone entertained as she teaches. Ask anyone who has attended one of her seminars. They’ll tell you they learned a lot and had a great time!

Here's Some of What Will Be Covered:
  • Writers.  What differentiates one from another, and which suits me the best?
  • Computers.  Which features are important for court reporters. XP versus Vista. Which Windows settings are important. Can I use a Mac?
  • Printers.  Do reporters still need printers in the era of electronic documents?
  • Connectivity.  Connect your writer to your computer. Connect your computer to other computers. Go wireless or use cables, we'll explain how.
  • Home Networking.  More and more reporters want the ease, efficiency, and convenience of a home wireless network. It’s easier than you think.
  • Audio Backup.  Today’s CAT software has a marvelous feature called Audiosynch. It records the audio and synchronizes it with your transcript. But what kind of microphone is best. What if your computer fails and you lose your hard drive?
These concerns and more will be addressed in depth by Marybeth. Join us for a webinar that will be entertaining and informative!

Presenter Marybeth Everhart
Price Normal Registration: $49
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