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Step One: Identifying The Demons!
Date 9/04/2008
Time 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM EST
Location Online over the Internet

Step One: Identifying The Demons!

By Marybeth Everhart

First In A Series Of Webinars Created To Help You
Improve The Quality Of Your Professional Life.
We Call Them:

Your Stairway

To Success

How To Enjoy A More Rewarding
-- And More Relaxing --
Court Reporting Career

Date: September 4, 2008
Time: 8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT
Duration: Approx. two hours
Cost: $49 per person

.2 CEU Credits Available

No doubt about it.  Court reporters lead stressful, deadlined lives.

●   They’re not information technologists but must depend upon technologies that can be confusing and difficult to understand.

●   They’re not bookkeepers but must handle their own billing, receivables, and taxes.

●   They’re not therapists but must cope with the physical stresses imposed by the stenographic writing machine, by the chairs they’re given to sit in, and by the conditions of the room they must write in.

●   They’re perhaps the most misunderstood of all professionals. Their friends and families rarely understand what it is they do or why it is they must work many added hours to produce transcripts they’ve already written.

In this revolutionary webinar series, we’re going to take a close look at the many challenges court reporters face, break them down one at a time, and show you how to reduce stress, save time, better deploy the technologies you need, reduce the wear and tear on your body, improve your professional skills, simplify your finances, earn more money and, most important of all, how to lead a more satisfying and relaxing reporting career.

Step One:  Identifying The Demons!

Marybeth is going to launch this new series with a webinar that takes an in-depth look at the day-to-day challenges reporters confront. How much are you really earning per hour and why? How many of those hours are spent productively and how many are spent unproductively? What are your work processes and which ones are efficient and which are not? Are you using the appropriate technologies based upon the type of reporting you’re doing, or could be doing?

She will show you how to maximize your time, work more efficiently, write faster and more accurately, and how to earn more in the process. She’ll talk about technologies that can assist you and where to get them.

If you’re a court reporter and you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and buried, this is a webinar you should plan to attend. Marybeth is going to hand you a shovel and show you how to dig your way out!

She will begin by examining the many things, small and large, that work for and against your productivity. For court reporters, efficient transcript production is central. But how to improve?

  • Overhead.  How many hours do you spend editing a job versus each hour you spent writing it? Do you keep track of both? (You should.) How can you lower the ratio?

  • Translation accuracy.  Do your jobs take more time to edit because of your writing skills? Do you feel stuck, as if there’s nothing you can do to get better? You’re not, and Marybeth will show you how and she’ll show you how to do it without spending a lot of time and money, either.

  • Editing.  Are you editing efficiently? Do you take full advantage of your CAT software? What kinds of editing problems slow you down?

  • Archiving.  After you’ve edited a job, do you archive it safely? If not, are you responsible if the original is lost and a replacement copy is requested? Do you back up your personal and job dictionaries in at least two safe, secure locations?

    This is just a sampling of the areas Marybeth will touch on as she looks under the hood of reporting and tells you how to get your engine revved up! Don’t miss it!


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The recorded seminar is prepared for viewing within 7-10 days of the live event. You can watch it at your convenience, at any hour of the day, and at any time for a full 30 days after you acquire your access code.

Price Normal Registration: $49
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