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Welcome to our site... is dedicated to providing continuing education for the court reporting industry at an affordable price. Bookmark this site so that you can easily check on upcoming webinars!

Established & Respected Presenters
All our presenters are well-known members of the court reporting community, each one possessing years of experience within our profession. Every webinar will be informative, interesting, and will help you improve your professional life.

About offers a new solution to an old problem. As Reporting Professionals -- Court Reporters, Scopists, Captioners, and CART Providers – you have many wants and wishes, but chief among them is the ongoing need for additional software and professional training. This need is manifested in two ways: as a general desire to expand your professional horizons, and as a way to acquire the CEUs (Continuing Education Units) required to maintain your professional standing.

In the past, ongoing education usually has meant that you must travel to “brick and mortar” locations, where conventions and meetings are being held, or where seminars are being given. Getting out of the house or office is often a welcome respite from the doldrums of writing, editing, or transcript production but, unfortunately, it is often inconvenient, unaffordable, or downright impossible to schedule attendance at such gatherings.

Well, it is no longer is it necessary to travel significant distances, to book expensive hotel rooms, to block off days from your calendar that might otherwise be dedicated to income production, or to try to shoehorn a seminar into an already overpacked calendar. The advent of high-speed internet technology has now made it possible for you to sit at home or in your office while participating in one of our webinars. Easy as that!

The seminars we offer will be diverse, covering topics ranging from improving your writing skills to helping you work more harmoniously with the new technologies we encounter every day and which have become part of the fabric of our professional lives. We’ll show you around new versions of Windows, help you to back up your files safely, assist you to pass certification tests, and introduce you to new programs, websites or technologies that may save you time, money, and energy.

Our webinars are convenient, inexpensive, informative, and you can even get NCRA CEU points for attending them. With the advent of high-speed internet technology, it is now possible for our attendees relax in a comfortable environment while participating in one of our webinars. Plus, every attendee gets to watch both the live and the recording of the webinar, which virtually eliminates scheduling problems.

When you watch the live webinar, you can ask questions of our presenters, just as if you were attending a “brick and mortar” seminar held in a meeting room. Except you’re not. You can be lounging in the comfort of your jammies and bunny slippers while you attend these webinars!

When you watch the recorded webinars you do so at a date and time of your choosing for up to 30 days after the recordings are posted on our website (usually, about 7-10 days after the live event). Not only do you watch a recording when you want, you can rewind it, fast forward it and, most important, pause it for as long as you like. This gives you the opportunity to review the content to your heart’s content, making sure you get as much out of each webinar as you possibly can.

There are so many benefits to this kind of format for providing program instruction it’s hard to name them all, but here are just a few:


  • Educate yourself from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Only requirements are a high-speed internet connection and a telephone line.
  • Earn NCRA CEU points for each Webinar you attend
  • Qualified, well respected instructors for each seminar.
  • Special discounts for webinar attendees on products relating to each webinar
  • Far less expensive than in-person training or seminars.
  • No need to travel, except, possibly, to your couch!
  • Increase your productivity and income by expanding your knowledge!
  • Become a better and happier reporter.